Turkey restores historic mosque in Algeria

Turkey’s state development aid agency (TIKA) has restored Algeria’s historic Ketchaoua mosque known for being a symbol of the North African country’s independence. The Ketchaoua Mosque was built during Ottoman rule in the 17th century in the neighborhood of Casbah in the capital Algiers. The mosque briefly became a cathedral in the 19th century before once again returning to it original status as a mosque in 1962, retaining its original grandeur.






The Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, Larnaca

Flamingos standing in a salt lake in front of the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque which was built between 1760 and 1796 in southern coastal city of Larnaca, in this eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Ibn Al Jazary Mosque is the latest mosque to open in Sharjah

UAE’s iconic mosque: Ibn Al Jazary Mosque is the latest mosque to open in #Sharjah. Built on 2,769sqm, the mosque with its distinctive green dome opened this Ramadan. It is situated in Al Seyook area. — Photo by Leslie Pableo


ARABIC CALLIGRAPHY: Below are some of the scripts and styles being shown at the Saudi Arabian Society for Arabic Calligraphy exhibition at the Jeddah International Book Fair. A wide variety of styles and scripts are shown, including Kufic and Diwani.